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Laser Treatment For Thread Veins – What You Need To Know

14 March 2022 by Omniya Clinic

Omniya’s London laser clinic is the perfect choice for anyone looking for treatment for thread veins. Read on to learn more about thread veins and how we can help.

What Are Thread Veins?

Thread veins are the visible symptom of a condition called telangiectasis, which causes your blood vessels to dilate.

When blood vessels become dilated, they are easier to see through the skin. Larger blood vessels become known as varicose veins, while smaller blood vessels and capillaries are referred to as ‘thread veins’ or ‘spider veins’. This can occur anywhere on the body, but is most commonly seen on the legs. When thread veins are clustered together, this is known as telangiectatic matting.

Many people seek treatment for thread veins for cosmetic reasons. Even though thread veins are fairly common, they can make you feel self-conscious, and cause you to cover your legs or arms in situations where you’d rather be able to wear what you want without embarrassment.

What Causes Thread Veins?

While thread veins are more commonly found in older people, younger people are by no means immune. Telangiectasis is caused by genetic predisposition – if one or both of your parents has varicose or thread veins, it’s much more likely that you will experience this too.

There’s other factors that can exacerbate an existing condition, making thread veins more prominent and numerous. Poor lifestyle choices such as overeating or a lack of regular exercise will make it harder to stop the appearance and spread of thread veins.

Are Thread Veins Dangerous?

Thread Veins are not dangerous to your health at all. However, thread veins can be a symptom of underlying varicose veins, which aren’t always visible.

Varicose veins can present health complications as you age, causing discomfort and swelling, and an increased risk of blood clotting. Here at Omniya, we recommend an ultrasound scan to investigate whether thread veins are a symptom of underlying varicose veins.

What Treatments Are Available For Thread Veins?

Omniya’s London laser clinic uses the Sterex Advanced Electrolysis approach to laser treatment for thread veins. This treatment is performed using the Cynosure Elite IQ machine, which is a class 4 medical-grade laser.

We’ll tap a small probe gently against the patient’s skin, causing an electrical current to heat up and seal the damaged vessel. The treatment will prevent any further blood flow through the vessel, which means it’s unlikely to still be visible through the skin. It’s non-invasive and completely pain-free.

We’ll ask you to attend an initial consultation to assess how many treatments you’ll require. We’ll also conduct a laser patch test on a very small area of skin in a less visible area, to ensure that laser treatment for thread veins is the best treatment for you.

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