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Is LED Light Therapy Safe?

19 February 2019 by Omniya Clinic

Introduction to LED Light Therapy

Are you worried about LED Light Therapy, but curious to know more, because you’ve heard it can relieve you of your eczema or acne, as well as remove a few of your fine lines and wrinkles at the same time? You’re not alone. And you can believe the hype! This is a treatment that is relaxing. There’s no need for anaesthetic beforehand, because you’re not going to be in any discomfort.

What LED Light Therapy does is speed up your cell regeneration rate with a view to increasing your natural production of a few key ingredients responsible for making your skin look younger. Depending on the skin issue you’re having, our LED light therapy device will shine a particular wavelength at you, then you simply wait for your body to do the rest. Firstly it will convert light energy to cell energy, then it will stimulate your collagen and elastin levels. Following your course of treatment, your skin should look healthier, younger and blemish-free.

How does LED Light Therapy work?

When the LED light wavelength penetrates your skin, your body will respond as if it has received a wound. This is what triggers the collagen production. Fresh, new skin tissue is created to replace the tissue the body believes is damaged. Your skin tone and texture should be more even.

Your new younger skin should make you look more rested, youthful and attractive. The cause of your self consciousness should be gone. A number of sessions may be required to order to maximise your results, but every case is different and we offer bespoke treatment. To get precise answers about your unique treatment journey, as well as the results you personally can hope to achieve, please book a consultation with one of our experts.

Why is LED Light Therapy safe?

This painless and relaxing LED Light Therapy treatment has minimal side effects and no down time. You can have the treatment in your work lunch hour before returning to the office. It’s safe because you’ll have a very experienced laser operator at the helm. Listen carefully to the aftercare advice and you should experience no problems at all.

What the different lights can do for you

Acne is best cleared with a blue LED light therapy light. This colour is perfect for targeting blemishes such as spots and pimples. Scars are better targeted with a green LED light. Following treatment with the green light, you should notice your complexion has brightened and your scar faded. As for the red LED light; this is perfect for combating the signs of old age. Age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, and the reddening that rosacea causes, can all be effectively removed via this colour.

For more advice on the LED light therapy colour therapy that’s going to best suit your needs, please get in touch to speak to our practitioner. We can book you in for a skin assessment initially, which will give us a better idea of your skin type, skin complaint and the sort of results you’re looking to achieve. At the same time we’ll be able to offer guidance on how long your treatment is likely to take and cost. Please get in touch to find out more and begin your journey to achieving clearer, refreshed skin.

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