Hair Transplant

at our Hair Transplant Knightsbridge Clinic in London

Hair loss for many is an undeniably awful experience, whether it’s from a receding hairline, thinning hair or from male/female pattern baldness. Fortunately, at Omniya our Hair Transplant Surgeons can offer various solutions to remedy the hair loss.

At Omniya our Hair Transplant Surgeons, Dr Fernando and Dr Vara use S-FUE (Shaven Follicular Unit Extraction) and U-FUE (Unshaven Follicular Unit Extraction) to treat patients with hair loss conditions.

S-FUE is a commonly used procedure for Hair Transplant Surgery. This Hair Transplant procedure involves extracting hair follicles individually (as units) from the back of your head, also called your donor site. These extracted follicles are then transplanted into an area of balding, thinning or recession also called the ‘recipient site’.

Our surgeons at Omniya then transplant the hair carefully in their natural groupings to mimic a patient’s hair orientation; giving them a natural result. 

All manners of hair types and textures can receive the S-FUE treatment along with hairline re-creation and hair thickness. Usually the downtime of the S-FUE Hair Transplant procedure is 2 Weeks.

Alternatively, if the downtime of S-FUE isn’t suited for the patient then U-FUE can be considered. Similarly, to the S-FUE method, hairs are extracted from the back of the head but the whole scalp does not need to be shaved. This effectively makes the procedure undetectable and discreet. With the expedited downtime compared to FUE, patients can go back to work within 7 – 14 days with minimal markers of a Hair Transplant procedure. 

The hair growth results following an U-FUE and S-FUE procedure can be natural and dense. 

Throughout the consultation our Hair Transplant Surgeons will listen to what you want to achieve with your Hair Transplant and come up with a bespoke plan for your procedure and whether S-FUE, U-FUE or an alternative treatment would be the best course of action to treat the hair loss condition. 

Frequent questions

What’s the cost?
It does depend on the patient, and it is a case-by-case basis, however Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant starts from £3000.

Why should I come to Omniya for a Hair Transplant?
Omniya is a CQC Registered Clinic and our Hair Transplant Surgeons are GMC Registered. We will not consider any Surgeon for Hair Transplant procedures without the correct qualifications and experience to perform the procedure. Our patient’s safety is our priority at Omniya.

Will the procedure hurt?
If you’ve googled images of the Hair Transplant procedure, it does seem painful. But rest assured that there is minimal pain during the procedure and most patients have a comfortable operation. But after the Hair Transplant procedure you may experience some forms of mild pain and itching, and our Surgeons will recommend a suitable remedy.

Will the scarring be noticeable?
Over time the scarring from the Hair Transplant will diminish, and any resultant scarring would be undetectable by the untrained eye. Of course, there will be small scars from the ‘donor site’ but it will be covered by existing hair.

What’s the downtime?
Generally the downtime for S-FUE Hair Transplant 2 Weeks and for U-FUE Hair Transplant is 7 – 14 days.

Would it be possible to see the Surgeons work with previous patients?
Dr Fernando and Dr Dilan’s Hair Transplant work can viewed from their Before/After images

What could go wrong?

Every procedure comes with its risks but with a Hair Transplant procedure the risks are bleeding, infection and an allergic reaction to the anaesthesia. Rest assured that our Surgeons will go over any complications that could occur.

I don’t want anyone to know I’ve a Hair Transplant, will they find out?
WithS-FUE there will be noticeable flags that you’ve had a Hair Transplant as your hair will have been cut short all over. With U-FUE it’s more discreet since hair is not cut in your recipient site, so your hair will not look so short. If you don’t want anyone to know you have had a hair transplant it is best to opt for an U-FUE procedure and take 2 weeks off work.

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