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Exploring The Benefits Of IV Drip Treatment

22 April 2021 by Omniya Clinic

When it comes to taking care of your body, there are countless treatments and products that contribute towards wellness and improving health. The great news is that advancements are always being made and bespoke treatments are becoming more popular for people who want to take a tailored approach to healthcare.

A possible bespoke body care option to explore is IV drips, but how exactly do these treatments work and what are the benefits?

What is an IV drip?

IV drips are intravenous, meaning medicine and nutrients is delivered directly into the bloodstream. This is done via a cannula that’s inserted into the vein, bypassing all of the body’s other systems to provide a dose of whatever vitamins have been introduced.

What are the benefits?

A fast dose of nutrients

If you’re living a busy lifestyle, then it’s not always easy to set aside the time to meal prep or workout. This is where IV drips really come in handy, as they can deliver a specified amount of nutrients into the body in a short amount of time.

We’d recommend talking to a professional to understand the right level of vitamins that are suitable for your body so you can make the most of an IV drip.

Control what comes into your body

Another benefit to IV drip treatment is that you can determine the kind of nutrients that are injected into your bloodstream.

Many types of IV drips contain ingredients that are gluten, sugar and GMO-free, so you don’t have to worry about putting any unhealthy substances into the body.

During a typical consultation, you’ll be provided with a questionnaire that can give a better indication of what vitamins are lacking in your diet and what can be introduced into your body.

A safe procedure

IV treatment involves a high degree of safety, from the quality of materials to the procedure itself. The process takes between 3 – 45 minutes and there’s no discomfort involved.

In addition, there’s no recovery time needed, and you’ll be able to carry on with your day as if you’d never gone in for a procedure.

Revitalising the skin

Skin damage is an inevitable part of life, whether through ageing or conditions like acne. IV drips are a great skincare treatment because they can inject nourishing compounds into the body to promote healthier skin.

An example is hyaluronic acid, a natural compound that stimulates collagen growth. Or it could be vitamin C, which protects the body against ultraviolet light and brightens the skin.

 IV treatment experts in London

From introducing healthy vitamins to rejuvenating the skin, there are several benefits to IV treatment. As experts in this type of treatment, we can provide ongoing advice and work with you to develop an IV drip treatment that suits your preferences.

From the moment of booking a consultation, we’ll answer any questions that you have about the procedure and determine what types of vitamins would work best for your specific needs.

Learn more today by getting in touch via the contact form.

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