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How To Prepare For Your Dermal Filler Consultation

25 January 2019 by Omniya Clinic

So, you’re pretty sure you’d like dermal fillers. They’re an incredibly popular treatment with countless celebrities, media personalities, and even friends opting for the treatment, and you’d like a fuller pout. However, how do you prepare for your dermal filler consultation? Are there certain questions you should be asking, or signs to look out for that tell you this is the right (or wrong) place to have lip fillers?

Let’s explore all you need to know, consider, and prepare for when booking your dermal filler consultation.

Who is performing your dermal filler consultation and treatment?

It’s important to find someone trust to perform your treatments, so make sure you find out the qualifications of your practitioner. For example, you should always place your trust in a medical professional who is trained in aesthetic treatments. In the UK, you currently do not need to be a medical professional to perform dermal fillers, but this of course compromises your safety, aftercare support, and quality of results.

Finding a medical professional trained in performing your treatment of choice ensures that you receive the safest treatments and the best end results, far surpassing those of an unqualified individual. When seeking dermal fillers, always make sure you choose a practitioner that is medically trained and trusted. At Omniya Clinic, we are proud to display our industry leading practitioners.

Is there an opportunity to ask questions?

Your consultation is the most important step of you dermal fillers journey, because it’s here that you decide whether or not you trust your practitioner. If there isn’t an opportunity or invitation to ask questions, this is a bad sign. Make sure you find the answers you need, during your dermal filler consultation, before committing to treatment, as this is the perfect time to find out about side effects, aftercare, and how your practitioner will support you should any complications arise. A good dermal fillers practitioner will apply no pressure you to during this process, so make sure you’re comfortable and informed before booking your dermal fillers appointment.

Which dermal filler products do they use?

There are a range of products available to practitioners, and some of which are more popular and trusted than others. Ask to see the box of the product your practitioner will be using. Make sure it’s a recognised and approved brand. The ‘official’ boxes of these will have a certain sticker, seal, or other quality assurance that ensures the filler is the genuine article. This will make certain that the product they’re using is safe.

Things to consider

Your dermal filler results aren’t permanent

Don’t worry, at Omniya Clinic, your results aren’t permanent. If you’ve heard horror stories of dermal fillers gone wrong in the media, there will be quite clear reasons. It could be because they were performed by unqualified hands in a questionable environment (steer clear of these injectable ‘parties’). Or because the fillers used were permanent, or poor quality. Permanent fillers tend to be made of materials like silicone. These aren’t widely used in the UK anymore due to their unpredictability and risks associated. The dermal fillers most UK practitioners use, including those we use at Omniya Clinic, are made a gel-like substance that contain hyaluronic acid – brands such as Teoxane and Allergan. This acid is a naturally occurring skin protein.  This protein is broken down readily by the body over time and is completely safe to use within the skin.

Can your dermal fillers can be ‘undone’

At Omniya Clinic, we use hyaluronic acid based fillers. Because these dermal fillers aren’t permanent, your results can be ‘undone’ at any point. If you decide you’d no longer like to maintain your results you can receive a second injectable treatment. This treatment speeds up your body’s natural dissolving reaction to the fillers, returning your treated area back to normal as soon as 24 hours after receiving it. Dermal fillers fillers in Knightsbridge are buildable, which means you can return at appropriate intervals for a ‘top-up’ appointment to keep cultivating your results, too.

Dermal fillers are safe, effective, and beautiful when performed by trained medical professionals such as our expert team at Omniya Clinic in Knightsbridge, London.

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