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Male Hormone Therapy

at our Knightsbridge clinic in London

Balanced hormones are the key to achieving optimum health in both men and women. Male Hormone Therapy is used to treat conditions such as The Andropause – which is commonly referred to as ‘The Male Menopause’.

As men age, their levels of testosterone decrease and, as a result, physical and psychological symptoms of these lower levels begin to appear. Examples of these symptoms are:

  • Tiredness
  • Depression
  • Low libido
  • Weight gain
  • Decreased motivation

At Omniya, wellbeing and age management is our core focus. With the latest advancements in medicine and whilst under the care of industry experts, we are able to offer tailored hormonal therapy to eradicate the discomfort and negative symptoms associated with a hormonal imbalance – leaving you free to enjoy a higher quality of life.

As well as treating the symptoms of The Andropause, Male Hormone Therapy can also effectively help with:

  • Thyroid disorders

Suggested Treatments for Male Hormone Therapy