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Aged & Wrinkled Hands

at our Knightsbridge clinic in London

The telltale signs of ageing go far beyond crows feet and the odd few grey hairs. Hands are frequently overlooked in beauty regimes (and often make you look unforgivingly older than you are).

As we age, and taking into account external factors such as sun damage, the skin on our hands becomes dry and loses both its elasticity and volume. Age spots and pigmentation can also begin to appear. The effects of weight loss on the hands can lead to a thinning of the fingers – leaving knuckles, veins and tendons more pronounced.

At Omniya, we specialise in looking and feeling good; inside and out. With the expertise and experience of our world leading practitioners, it is now possible to regain the firm, tight appearance of youthful skin on all areas of the body – including the hands.

Suggested Treatments for Aged & Wrinkled Hands