Skin Tags

At Omniya Clinic in London

Many people have experienced having one or more skin tags in their lives. These are small growths which protrude from the skin and are usually the same colour or slightly darker. They tend to appear in places where there is a lot of friction on the skin (with clothes or jewellery) and in skin folds. As a consequence, you will often find them on the neck, underarms or eyelids. They aren’t usually harmful, but some individuals regard them as unsightly and/or irritating and are keen to have them removed.

Skin tags can be removed easily using advanced electrolysis. This is a non-invasive procedure which involves sending a current into a tiny probe which, in turn, dries up the skin tag. Because it takes hardly any time to perform, advanced electrolysis for skin tag removal can take place during an individual’s lunch hour. Certainly, there will only be very minor scarring to indicate electrolysis has taken place.

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Advanced Electrolysis

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