Moles And Skin Tags

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Moles are brown or black growths (cell clusters) on the skin and are very common. They’re usually harmless, however, some individuals with moles find them unsightly – especially if the mole is in a prominent place, such as the face or hands.

Mole removal can be carried out surgically or through using advanced electrolysis. In the case of the surgical procedure a dermatologist can either cut out the mole or shave it using a thin tool which is very similar to a razor blade. Cutting out a mole involves digging down into the subcutaneous fat layer and then stitching the skin together if it requires it. Both procedures usually result in one or two visits to the dermatologist and scarring can result, depending on where the mole is, and its size

With advanced electrolysis it’s possible to remove both the hairs on a mole and the entire mole itself to the extent it will reduce both in size and colour. This is achieved using a needle with an electric current targeted at the mole’s cells. The heat in the needle destroys the cells that feed the mole, as well as any hair follicles present too.

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Advanced Electrolysis

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