At Omniya Clinic in London

Chemical peels are an anti-ageing treatment which involves an exfoliation process using chemicals which cause shedding of the top layers of your skin. Chemical peels help stimulate collagen which increases cellular turnover leaving you with younger, fresher, more radiant-looking skin. Chemical peel treatment is recommended for people with acne, scarring, facial discolouration and hyperpigmentation.

Chemical peels are safe and effective, resulting in radiant skin, boosting your confidence. Although there are ‘at home’ options, at Omniya Clinic we recommend that you have a qualified practitioner provide chemical peel treatment.

Before your chemical peel treatment, we will ask you about your lifestyle, skin type and desired results, as well as assessing your current skin condition. We will then discuss the options available and suggest the best ones for your skin type.

Once you have decided on your treatment our expert practitioner will prime your skin in preparation. The treatment time does differ from patient to patient but usually takes around 30 minutes. After your chemical peel, a post-peel moisturiser and sunscreen will be applied.

Final results take between two to three weeks, once your skin has fully healed. Depending on whether you had a medium or deep chemical peel, results may take longer.

Chemical skin peel treatment takes 30 minutes to complete with immediate results. Results will continue with time as your skin heals, this can take 0-10 days depending on the intensity of the treatment. Dependant on the concern, chemical peels can achieve permanent results after a course of treatments, this will be discussed by your practitioner prior to your treatment. Chemical peel costs start from £150 and 1 to 6 sessions are advised depending on the concern.

Find out more about our chemical skin peel treatments or get in contact with one of our practitioners for more info.

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