Botox skin tightening treatment for a more youthful appearance

The latest trend for those already converted to the transformative effects of Botox is Blotox; the application of Botox to the scalp to reduce sweat levels and keep your blowdry in place for longer. This may seem frivolous to some, but it is proof of just how effective Botox is. It is one of the fastest growing services in the cosmetic industry, with demand for it at an all time high.

The uses of Botox are many and various, but it is most commonly used in the area of facial aesthetics to provide a rejuvenated look. When Botox is used for skin tightening purposes, it can truly turn back the clock and knock a few years off your face.

It can revitalise your looks, making you look less tired and younger, far more efficiently than any face cream or facial can and as our highly trained practitioners adopt a less-is-more approach, your results will be entirely natural-looking.

How does Botox tighten the skin?

As we age, our collagen and elastin levels naturally decrease. When this happens, we begin to find that our skin is less elastic than it once was. In our 20s, our facial skin is capable of snapping back into position effortlessly after forming an expression, but as we reach our 30s, remnants of repeated expressions, formed over the years, start to remain on the face in the form of fine lines and wrinkles.

Botox works by temporarily halting the facial muscles from contracting. When these muscles can’t contract, the area where a wrinkle once was appears smooth and free from lines. It is predominantly used in three key areas; to smooth over forehead lines, which stretch horizontally across your forehead, diminish frown lines, which appear vertically between the eyebrows and reduce crows feet, the lines to the side of your eyes. Additionally, brow-lifting and jawline defining Botox treatments are also proving popular.

The benefits of choosing an experienced Omniya practitioner

There are plenty of practitioners out there offering Botox, but it’s essential you choose one who will ensure that you can still form different expressions after treatment. ‘Frozen face’ and an expression of permanent surprise is the result of trusting an inexperienced and untrained practitioner with your Botox treatment. Here at Omniya, we pay great attention to ensuring your face can move naturally following your Botox skin tightening procedure.

Are you curious to find out how you could look after Botox treatment? Why not give us a call here at Omniya to book a consultation. The results will be visible in their entirety 10-12 days following treatment, which means you could be looking more youthful just in time for the Christmas party season. When the results begin to fade 3-4 months afterwards, you can always call us to arrange a top-up. We look forward to helping you become the best version of yourself and boosting the confidence you have in your looks.

Botox & Skin Tightening at Omniya Knightsbridge