What are Lip Fillers?

At Omniya Clinic in London

Lip fillers or lip augmentations are a popular, effective and affordable procedure. A number of different types of fillers can be used for the lips and around the mouth. The most common lip filler injections consist of hyaluronic acid which can also be used to fill wrinkles, volumising soft tissue and hydrate the skin.

Lip fillers are used to add:

  • Shape to your lips
  • Structure to your lips
  • Volume to your lips

Lip filler prices start from £300, depending on the treating doctor and the quantity of product used for an individual’s treatment.

Lip Fillers Botox Omniya Clinic London

When Should I Consider Lip Fillers?

Getting lip fillers is a personal choice, and above all, you will know when you want to have lip injections. Some common considerations are when lips:

Disappear when you smile, become thinner and less full with age, affect your self-confidence, in contrast with your face/loses balance

What Are The Benefits of Lip Fillers?

Patients opt for lip fillers over alternative treatments for a variety of reasons, including:

The injections are non-invasive.

Quick and relatively pain-free. It entails a few injections to ensure your lips are balanced.

The recovered time is fast – almost instant. There may be a minimal tingling sensation at the injection site after the procedure.

Lip fillers at Omniya Clinic are not permanent, and reversible.

Fully tailored to you.