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Platelet Rich Plasma, referred to as PRP, is a non surgical treatment that uses your own healing process to simulate skin and follicle recovery.

PRP refers to the portion of your blood containing platelets and growth factors, which is for tissue healing and repair. The therapy utilises these elements to rejuvenate skin, with the growth factors helping collagen stimulation, combining to reduce the signs of ageing and any skin conditions.

PRP is widely used for:

  • Facial/skin rejuvenation (also known as the Vampire Facial)
  • Hair restoration (This can be done through injections)
  • Treating injuries (This includes professional sports related conditions  and injuries)
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PRP Therapy

    PRP Commonly Treats The Following

    • Lines and wrinkles

    • Hair loss or thinning

    • Dull skin complexion

    • Sagging skin

    • Improving musculoskeletal issues

    • Uneven tone or pigmentation

    • Scarring

    Treatment Overview

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    Aesthetic Practitioner

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        Fantastic clinic. Everything you need in one place, I started seeing Dr Roked for HRT. She has changed my life. They have a pharmacy too which is convenient for me. I never write reviews but this clinic has changed my life! - Vanessa

        Treatment Information

        What Is Platelet Rich Therapy?

        Platelet Rich Therapy has been endorsed by experts and numerous celebrities including athletes in sports, it is an exciting, non surgical and natural treatment that uses your own healing abilities to assist follicle and stimulate recovery. In the media, the treatments have been coined as the vampire facial.

        It has also efficiently been used in neurosurgery, oral surgery, cosmetic and plastic surgery, orthopaedics and sports medicine, treating people for various conditions and injuries. The treatment has little to no side effects and involves little to no pain.

        The production of collagen, induced by PRP, brightens, rehydrates and rejuvenates after the first treatment, although a course is normally recommended. This procedure overall improves the general health of your skin.

        How Does It Work?

        The vampire facial, or PRP involves drawing blood from you, then spinning this in a medical grade centrifuge, separating the platelets and then reinjecing them into your skin through microneedling.

        The nurse will microneedle (using a microneedling device), the area whilst locally applying the platelets. The platelets can also be injected into the treatment area. The PRP can also be injected directly and around the focus area.

        Stem cells and autologous products in the blood contain essential growth factors that help to heal and regenerate damaged skin tissues over time. The injection of platelets that are high in growth hormone, and the microneedling or injections will stimulate the skin to regenerate new cells.

        What Are Platelets?

        Platelets are the cells circulating within our blood, binding together when they recognised damaged blood vessels. For example, when you cut your hand, over time the platelets bind to that area in the hand.

        What areas can be treated?

        PRP has a variety of uses in medical fields. It is used in both dermatological and aesthetic practices for facial and neck rejuvenation, lines and wrinkles as well as stretch marks and scars. At Omniya in London, Knightsbridge we us  PRP to treat:


        As an effective treatment to restore your skin’s youthful appearance

        • Crow’s feet
        • Frown lines
        • Loose skin


        By stimulating and accelerating your natural healing process, the skin is rejuvenated and renewed.

        • Stretch marks
        • Cellulite
        • Scarring (after injuries, new or old)


        Promotes new growth, to help give you fuller and thicker hair.

        • Hair rejuvenation

        Safe and Effective Treatments

        Our team of internationally renowned Aesthetic Practitioners are not only medically qualified, but they are trained artists.

        At Omniya we work only with the most advanced devices and products to optimise the effectiveness of treatments.

        We believe that less is more and always take care to ensure that our patients enhancement looks natural rather than evident.

        What Are The Benefits?

        PRP is a fantastic cosmetic treatment for naturally rejuvenating the skin, and repairing the effects of ageing. Some of them are:

        • Providing total skin rejuvenation
        • Treats delicate or difficult to reach areas
        • It is natural
        • It is safe

        Treatment Procedure

        During your consultation, your practitioner will discuss the treatment, your goals, the procedure and your medical history including past injuries to the area. We will also go through any medications you may be taking as some medications can cause sensitivity to the skin. Here, you can discuss any queries you may have about PRP.

        Following the initial consultation, if you agree to proceed, your practitioner will draw a small amount of your blood from your arm using a small needle.

        We then spin your blood very fast in a centrifuge, which separates the platelet rich plasma (containing the important growth factors), from the other blood cells. Once this is completed the PRP is extracted and ready for use.

        Should you wish, we can apply a local or topical anaesthetic to numb your treatment areas, although most patients do not feel any pain during this treatment.  Your practitioner will then apply (via injection or needling) the platelet rich plasma into, and around, the site you wish to be treated.

        How Many Treatments Will I Need?

        Each person reacts differently to any treatment. Typically, patients have between 2-4 sessions, 4-6 weeks apart and find this to be sufficient. Your practitioner will let you know how many treatments will be required dependant on your requirements and skin type. We will also advise on a skincare routine at home to improve your results.

        Advantages of PRP Treatment

        • Developed from your own blood

        The plasma is from your own blood, and therefore reduces the risk related to donor genetic material.

        • High efficiency

        In cases of the effects of hair restoration and thinning hair, PRP London is one of the the most effective treatment procedure. It works more effectively for some specific cases.

        • Efficacy in hair transplant

        It stimulates the follicles that have already been transplanted to develop and grow as per expectations. The plasma plays an important role in healing the damaged tissue especially after injuries.

        • Affordable, cost-effective and does not take up a lot of time.

        PRP FAQ’s

        No, it ought not to hurt, but it may tingle. We can apply topical anaesthetic cream if needed, which will numb the area.

        Responses to PRP vary, but most people will require 2-4 sessions, spaced approximately 4-6 weeks apart. There is no limit to the number of treatments you can have. You practitioner will advise the number of treatments for your area and concern.

        Improvement of skin texture and tone is noticeable within 3 weeks.
        Full collagen regeneration takes up to 3 months.
        Reduction in hair loss is noticeable within 8 weeks.
        Complete hair re-growth is seen 3-6 months after the last treatment.

        Minimal swelling and redness for 12-24 hours.

        Treatment results vary, however, in most patients the results last up to 24 months. Touch-up treatments (every 3-6 months) will maintain the results.

        One of our qualified and experienced nurses will perform your treatment.

        Absolutely, if there has been an injury due to a sport you will find that together with home care PRP can help reduce and improve the long term appearance if any scarring or pigmentation.

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