At Omniya Clinic in London

Platelet Rich Plasma, referred to as PRP, is a non surgical treatment that uses your own healing process to simulate skin and follicle recovery.

PRP refers to the portion of your blood containing platelets and growth factors, which is for tissue healing and repair. The therapy utilises these elements to rejuvenate skin, with the growth factors helping collagen stimulation, combining to reduce the signs of ageing and any skin conditions.

PRP is widely used for:

  • Facial/skin rejuvenation (also known as the Vampire Facial)
  • Hair restoration (This can be done through injections)
  • Treating injuries (This includes professional sports related conditions  and injuries)
platelet rich plasma prp hair skin london

PRP Therapy

    PRP Commonly Treats The Following

    • Lines and wrinkles

    • Hair loss or thinning

    • Dull skin complexion

    • Sagging skin

    • Improving musculoskeletal issues

    • Uneven tone or pigmentation

    • Scarring

    Treatment Overview