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Do your cheeks look more hollow than they did when you were younger? As we age, our face can change as we lose some of the natural elasticity within the skin, and this could cause a loss of volume to the cheek area. This could cause lines, folds and wrinkles to appear and become more visible.

Omniya Clinic provides state of the art cheek enhancement treatments in London, adding contour and volume to the cheek area, smoothing out lines and providing a more youthful, refreshed appearance.

Injections of hyaluronic acid are administered into the areas under the skin around your cheekbones to give a more defined appearance to the cheekbone – a treatment that could leave you looking years younger.

Prices from £350, depending on the practitioner of choice.

cheek fillers 1ml juvederm allergan texoane

    Cheek Fillers Commonly Treat The Following

    • Facial folds

    • Facial wrinkles

    • Sunken cheeks

    • Scarring

    • Lumps and bumps

    • Asymmetry of the face

    • Dehydrated skin

    Cheek Fillers Treatment Overview

    Cheek Fillers Performed By

    Dr Ayad Harb Consultant Plastic Surgeon non surgical rhino best for dermal fillers

    Consultant Plastic Surgeon

    Dr Jules Nabet King of Botox in London

    Aesthetic Doctor

    Dr Thu-Linh Aesthetic Doctor Lip Filler Expert

    Aesthetic Doctor (Dentist)

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      • I just wanted to say thank you to Omniya Clinic and Dr Roked for helping me. I had misconceptions about testosterone replacement therapy in the past, but now that I'm on TRT I feel back to my best! Long may it continue. Thank you to everyone at Omniya Clinic. MB - Matt

        Fantastic clinic. Everything you need in one place, I started seeing Dr Roked for HRT. She has changed my life. They have a pharmacy too which is convenient for me. I never write reviews but this clinic has changed my life! - Vanessa

        I'm very impressed with this clinic. My experience from booking in with the reception team to being seen by one of their doctors has been phenomenal. I will definitely be recommending your services. Thank you Dr Roked for the level of care and how you've helped me so far. - Fred

      • If you are thinking of going on Hormone Replacement Therapy I would highly recommend Dr Sohere Roked. She is the best doctor I have ever met. She listens and understands her patients (I know because my 2 sisters also see her) Her approach is different to other doctors as she is a trained psychologist - She understands the balance between hormone therapy and mental health. She has honestly saved my life! - Meridith

        I was having trouble with my acne for a while. I had been to a few clinics before Omniya but didn't get the results I wanted.

        Omniya was recommended and had great reviews. I saw Kerry Lou, one of their skin specialist. She explained that with the right treatment and a little patience I would see results. I brought a course of facials. Each one is slightly different depending on what is needed. I'm very happy with the improvement. - Shayma

        Omniya's Dr Tu Lin was recommended to me by a friend who has the most incredible skin and lips. Obviously, I had to try. She is such a caring doctor, and went out of her way. I've had lip fillers in the past with others, but now I've been to Omniya I doubt I need to go anywhere else. I love my new lips. Omniya Clinic is without fail the best place for lip fillers in London! Thank you! - Nora

        Cheek Fillers Treatment Information

        What Are Cheek Fillers?

        Cheek fillers are dermal filler injections administered to raise volume around and above your cheekbones. The treatment creates a more defined looking bone structure, and by injecting volume under the skin, it smooths fine lines and wrinkles.

        One of the primary areas of our face to suffer the signs of ageing are the cheeks. As we age, we lose plumpness, drawing your cheeks downwards, making us look older than we should do. With cheek fillers at Omniya Clinic London, our expert clinicians are able to sculpt and define your cheekbones with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

        What Do Cheek Fillers Treat?

        Cheek fillers involve a series of small injections of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, which volumise the soft tissue in the cheeks. The main treatments can help and treat:

        • Adding volume to the cheek area
        • Contour and define the cheek
        • Fill lines and wrinkles
        • Lift your cheeks
        • Refresh your face, whilst maintaining a natural appearance
        • Can be combined with a variety of anti-ageing treatments

        Obtain a natural look, with minimal downtime at Omniya Clinic London.

        What Are The Benefits Of Cheek Fillers?

        In comparison to the alternatives, such as surgical facelifts and cheek implants, there are a number of benefits to having cheek filler treatments:

        • Little or no anesthesia
        • Quick recovery time
        • Medium term results that are not permanent and easily reversible
        • Low risk of serious complications in the right practitioner’s hands
        • Easy to increase or reduce the amount of filler, and the treatment plan can be phased over a number of weeks or months
        • Less expensive that surgical treatments
        juvederm allergan texoane cheek fillers 1ml
        1ml cheek fillers juvederm allergan texoane

        What To Expect From Your Cheek Fillers Treatment?

        Every client has their own wishes as to how they would like to enhance their cheekbone area. To ensure that your results meet your expectations, a consultation would take place with one of our skilled practitioners so that a clear plan can be put in place as to how your cheek fillers would be best administered.

        What Should You Expect Before The Procedure

        Book a no obligation and free (subject to your choice of practitioner) consultation with one of our internationally renowned clinicians.

        What Should You Expect During The Procedure?

        Omniya Clinic London is a Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulated facility – the same regulators who oversea the NHS and private hospital groups.

        Our leading clinicians have performed thousands of treatments, and they will be on hand for your questions or concerns before, during and after your procedure.

        During your consultation, you will discuss the following with your clinician:

        • Results you wish to obtain, whilst understanding any limitations and realistic outcomes
        • The procedure, recovery, costs and expected outcomes
        • Discuss your medical history and understand the risks of your treatment
        • Have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the treatment

        What Should You Expect After The Procedure?

        Our experts at Omniya Clinic London want you to look and feel refreshed. Their approach to treatments is one of less is more. It is important to consider your treatment(s) as a gradual process.

        The results will vary from person to person, and there may be some swelling or bruising for a few days, but you can expect to see an immediate enhancement and improvement in the volume and shape of your cheeks. The results commonly improve over time, as the swelling subsides and the dermal filler settles more naturally – this process often takes up to 2 weeks.

        To maintain the effect of your treatment, you will require further follow ups, but you can expect your cheek fillers to last for 6 months and more.

        Safe and Effective Treatments

        Our Choice of Product

        The brands we use at Omniya Clinic London are chosen for safety and results. For this reason, we work with Teoxane (Teosyal) and Allergan (Juvederm), as they are tried and tested products that have allowed us to achieve fantastic results, time and time again.

        Our Leading Practitioners

        A product only works well if it is administered by a highly trained professional.

        Omniya Clinic carefully selects the practitioners offering cheek enhancement treatments and have hand-picked a team of internationally renowned industry leaders to offer a natural, discreet enhancement that lasts.

        Our aesthetic practitioners are both artistically talented and extremely knowledgeable on how to use the products to their best effect.

        Your knowledgeable practitioner will create a treatment plan that works with the contours of your face to offer natural, sculpted and beautiful results, without making you look like you’ve ‘had work done’.

        A Summary Of Cheek Enhancement Fillers

        • Cheek fillers provide more volume to the cheek area
        • They can help to reduce facial folds and wrinkles
        • This type of dermal filler can help restore a more youthful, refreshed-looking face
        • Cheek fillers should only be administrated by highly trained medical practitioners
        • The fillers provided by Omniya are non-permanent and will break down naturally
        • Cheek fillers are a non-invasive option that require only limited downtime

        Omniya Clinic’s cheek filler treatments in London offer you a way to restore a youthful image without the need for long recovery periods. Why not get in touch to book a consultation today.

        Cheek Fillers FAQ’s

        At Omniya, we only allow medically trained, highly skilled professionals to provide treatment to our clients. Your welfare and your results are our highest priority.

        You should see some of the results of your cheek fillers right away. However, it may take a day or so to settle down so full results should be visible within a few days.

        As mentioned, cheek fillers are considered to be a safe treatment, but there could be some side-effects such as irritation at the site of the injection, bruising and swelling. Bruising is usually as a result of blood rushing to the treatment site to repair the part of the skin that is broken when the injection is administrated. Usually, any bruising from cheek fillers would dissipate over a few days. Medications and lifestyle choices may also affect your treatment.

        During your initial consultation, a full medical history will be taken to assess whether the treatment is right for you. If you have any bleeding disorders, are pregnant, are breastfeeding or are allergic to the compounds used in fillers, you may not be able to have treatment. If you are on blood thinning medication, you may have to ask your doctor if you could stop treatment for the weeks leading up to your treatment.

        After your initial consultation, the treatment itself would usually take around 30 minutes.

        There is no one size fits all, when it comes to cheek fillers, or any dermal filler treatment. Each patient is very different. This is why at Omniya Clinic we offer thorough consultations, detailed review of any medication you may be taking, your facial structure and any skin conditions before your treating practitioner decides on which filler would be most suitable for you.

        Even non-invasive treatments come with risks, although these are relatively small. We would only administer cheek fillers in London after a face-to-face consultation, where all risks would be explained and your suitability for treatment would be assessed. Cheek fillers are, by nature, considered a safe treatment if administered by a trained professional.

        Cheek fillers, when performed by qualified practitioners, are a fairly straight forward treatment with minimal downtime. However, as with most procedures, there are potential risks.

        Common side effects or risks can include:

        • Swelling
        • Itching
        • Bruising
        • Redness

        Less common risks include:

        • Allergic reaction
        • Filler leakage
        • Tissue death due to circulation blockage
        • Injury to the veins or arteries
        • Vision loss/impairment

        The above risks are higher when the treatment is carried out by an inexperienced or non-medical practitioner. It is crucial that you see an experienced medical practitioner who can provide you with the best treatment, whilst also being able to manage any complications immediately.

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