8 Point Facelift

At Omniya Clinic in London

A hugely popular treatment, the 8 Point Facelift (commonly known as the Liquid Facelift), is a fantastic alternative to surgery. It can enhance the appearance of premature ageing on the face, particularly around the cheek and eye areas, where the skin can droop and look hollow.

At Omniya Clinic, we combine both Dermal Fillers and Botox Anti-Wrinkle Injections to gently lift and re-contour the face, reducing nose-mouth lines, marionette lines, the appearance of jowls, dark shadows and hollow cheeks.

This treatment targets the following:

  • Lifting the lower and mid facial areas
  • Creating a youthful contour
  • Improving jawline definition
  • Rejuvenating the eyes
  • Firming the skin and reducing lines and wrinkles
  • Making you look more refreshed and awake with less sagging
Liquid facelift 8 point facelift with botox and fillers side of face

8-Point Facelift at Omniya Clinic London

    Commonly Treats The Following

    • Lift the lower and the mid face

    • Producing youthful contouring

    • Defining and reconstructing the definition of the jawline

    • Rejuvenating tired eyes

    • Create firmer skin

    • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin


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    Profile for Dr Ayad Harb Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Omniya Clinic London

    Consultant Plastic Surgeon

    Dr Jules Nabet Aesthetic Doctor at Omniya Botox Expert

    Aesthetic Doctor

    Dr Thu Linh Nguyen Aesthetic Doctor at Omniya Clinic Specialist in Lips and Mouth Rejuvenation

    Aesthetic Doctor (Dentist)

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      • I just wanted to say thank you to Omniya Clinic and Dr Roked for helping me. I had misconceptions about testosterone replacement therapy in the past, but now that I'm on TRT I feel back to my best! Long may it continue. Thank you to everyone at Omniya Clinic. MB - Matt

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        Treatment Information

        Facial Ageing and The 8-Point Facelift

        Facial ageing is inevitable, and arises due to genetics and the natural ageing process. Many of the patients at Omniya Clinic want to age gracefully, appearing to look younger than their biological age.As we age, our skin tends to lose its elasticity, and begins to sag due to the loss in volume.

        There are surgical and non-surgical procedures which are available to correct sagging skin. Each comes with its own pros and cons, which must be thoroughly discussed during a consultation.

        About The 8-Point Facelift 

        Facial rejuvenation without surgery. The treatment represents a fully comprehensive ‘whole face’ approach, and non-invasive rejuvenation programme. The 8-Point Facelift is a technique, perfected at Omniya Clinic, to lift, restore volume and structure in the face, giving the skin the necessary support it needs.

        It is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, using dermal fillers and Botox. Compared with the classic facelift, we provide exquisite facial rejuvenation, with minimal downtime.

        What Does It Do?

        The following are the standout achievements:

        • Looks and feels natural – not giving an overdone look
        • Enhances the shape of the face
        • Lifts the structure and dynamics of the skin and face
        • Smoothes the skin, reducing wrinkles and lines
        • Brightens the skin
        • Reduces dark circles
        • Improves the jowls and jawline
        • Helps your skin to look and feeling younger

        At Omniya Clinic, we offer especially effective and natural looking results, focusing on rejuvenating of the whole face, rather than simply treating specific areas.

        What Areas Does It Treat?

        • Cheek structure, providing volume and definition
        • Tear troughs, which can make you look tired
        • Mouth to nose contours
        • Downward smile
        • Loose jowls
        • Lack of definition in the jawline
        Liquid facelift 8 point facelift with botox and fillers right

        What Are The 8 Points?

        These can include, depending on your requirements:

        • The cheekbone, or structure of the face to enhance cheekbones and lift the nasolabial folds.
        • Under the eyes, to rejuvenate tired hollows.
        • The nasolabial fold, to smooth lines appearing in the mouth and nose areas.
        • The corners of the mouth, to lift the mouth and reducing the ‘angry/sad look’.
        • The jowl area, to reduce or improve volume loss in the chin, cheek and jaw area.
        • The jawline, to create a subtle and more youthful V shape, instead of the U shape caused by ageing.
        • The lower cheeks, which ageing may have caused to look gaunt, to create smoother cheeks to lift the whole face.

        What Are Dermal Fillers?

        Dermal fillers are a gel-like substance, nowadays typically made up of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that fill wrinkles, add volume to soft tissue and hydrate the skin. You can also have dermal fillers in a variety of areas, such as around the eye, mouth, jawline, cheeks and lips.

        Dermal fillers are a safe and long-used substitute to restore the loss of volume, whilst also adding lift. They work by restoring the lost volume to your face and plump areas, so deep set lines are smoothed. As we age, our bodies stop producing elastin and collagen – both of these contributing to a youthful look.

        What Is HA?

        HA is naturally present in the body. Like a sponge, it absorbs water and keeps the skin’s deeper layers hydrated. It is possible to inject this molecule as a gel to give volume and plump the skin or smooth wrinkles. The Ha will mix with those contained in the body and will progressively reabsorb. It is advised to have dermal fillers every 3 to 12 months, depending on the treatment area. Reversibility is an advantage compared to the permanent effect of a cosmetic surgery.

        Safe Dermal Filler Treatments

        As an unregulated industry in the UK, it is imperative that you choose the right clinic and practitioner. A large number of clinics are offering Botox ® Injections and Dermal Fillers at low prices, and we encourage you to think twice before opting for a clinic with a negligible reputation. The practitioner and product choice is crucial when making your decision.

        At Omniya Clinic we work only with the most advanced range of dermal fillers, using brands such as Teoxane (Teosyal) and Allergan (Juvederm), to enhance each individual’s features, creating lasting, discreet and natural looking results. Omniya is known to have the best lip fillers in London.

        Here at Omniya Clinic, we believe that less is more and always take care to ensure that our patients look natural rather than evidently having had treatment.

        8 Point Facelift FAQ’s

        Essentially, yes to all, although different doctors may call them different things, and have slightly different treatment protocols, the aim is the same.

        There are a vast number of dermal filler brands available, and within each of these brands, a multitude of different product types. At Omniya Clinic, we only work with the most reputable brands, Allergan (Juvederm) and Teoxane (Teosyal). The specific product type will be determined based on your consultation and treatment area.

        Results are expected to last in excess of 6 months and can be up to 2 years

        Absolutely, yes. This is one of the key benefits of the Liquid Facelift. Additional dermal filler injections can be carried out to replenish the areas, or to provide a more fuller effect as the previous treatment’s results start to wear off. The temporary nature of this treatment means that each time you can modify the treatment based on your requirements as the ageing process continues.

        The results will be immediately noticeable, but full results will be after 10 days. You must allow for swelling to subside before seeing the effective, natural looking results.

        There is no defined answer. It is when you feel that your skin is lax and sagging, and when you feel that you would benefit from the treatment. Only you should decide when it concerns you to do the treatment.

        As with all treatments, there are pros and cons. Some of the benefits of the Liquid Facelift are:

        • Reversible
        • Significantly less expensive compared to surgical facelift
        • Significantly less downtime
        • Does not require general anaesthetic
        • Less risk of complications
        • Less risk of infection
        • Does not require overnight in the hospital or dressings afterwards

        You will be given aftercare information, which will advise that you avoid strenuous exercise, spa/sauna, drinking alcohol for 24-48 hours

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