Botox Basics: What Are The Side Effects Of Botox

Introduction to Botox

If you are about to have Botox treatments for the first time, we know that some clients approach their first Botox appointment date with a little trepidation. You ought to know, potentially, what are the side effects of Botox, before you have your treatment.

With that in mind, we’re here to debunk the myths and mysteries surrounding the side effects of Botox, and we’ll also provide you with guidance on what to do in the unlikely event you suffer any side effects from Botox treatments. The guide below gives you an overview of the treatment, and answers questions such as ‘What are the advantages and disadvantages of Botox?’, or ‘how many different things can be treated with Botox?’, ‘How safe are facial Botox injections?’ and more. We will also discuss what to expect when you visit our clinic for a Botox treatment. This information aims to help you approach your Botox appointment with confidence. Haven’t made an appointment yet? Then get in touch to book – we can be reached on 020 7584 4777, or you can book online here. Otherwise, simply click the section below to have the answers to all your questions about the side effects of Botox.

What Is Botox Cosmetic Treatment?

Botox is made from the toxin that is created by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.

At our clinic, we use Botox as a cosmetic treatment in small doses, primarily to improve the appearance. It works by temporarily smoothing out wrinkles in the face; in particular, the lines that appear between your eyebrows, often referred to as frown lines. These lines can make a person appear angry, unhappy or tired. Omniya Clinic uses Botox cosmetic treatments to help with the following:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Smoker’s lines around the lips
  • Forehead line which are horizontal
  • Facial acne
  • Marionette lines which appear at the corners of the mouth

If you’re wondering to what areas of the body can Botox injections be applied besides the face, then you may be surprised at some of its uses, which could include:

  • The neck – Botox neck injections could be used to stop muscle spasms
  • The breasts – Botox has also been known to provide a lifting effect to the breasts
  • The armpits – Botox injections could also be used to treat excess sweating

Botox treatment should not be confused with injectable fillers. These work in a different way and are used to plump up the tissue instead. Here at Omniya, our trained professionals will be able to give you the assistance you require to choose the treatment that is best suited to your particular needs.

What Are The Benefits of Botox Injections Or Bot