How to lessen love handles?

One of the most common problem areas for those seeking a more toned and sculpted body are the love handles. Stubborn pockets of fat like these, despite our best efforts, are occasionally resistant to diet and exercise. Losing weight is great if you’re seeking to fit into an old pair of jeans or are preparing for a special event, but these problematic areas are difficult to work away. Gaining arm muscle means working out your arms, sure, but there is no specific exercise to our knowledge that boasts the good riddance of love handles. Especially during these summer months, you may feel self-conscious about your stubborn pockets of fat; hot holidays, clothing choices, and even swimwear if we’re that way inclined can suddenly become a little daunting.

How on earth do you lessen love handles?

Treating excess weight and love handles at omniya. Cryolipolysis and tightening.

Why they develop

Love handles and other problematic weight gain areas such as the ‘bingo wings’, lower abdomen, and inner thighs may result as a cause from hormones. When weight is gained, oestrogen and cortisol levels are increased, which in turn triggers a hormonal response that tells the body to store more fat. The body stores this fat in these typically fleshy areas, which gravity naturally pulls down to collect in these localised and stubborn deposits. Because they’re stored here through no fault of our own, simply where our hormones allocate them, they can be difficult to successfully work away.

Lessen Love Handles With Body Contouring

At Omniya, we use an advanced system that utilises your own bodily functions to kick-start the contouring and tightening and love handles. Firstly, we use radiofrequency waves to target fat pockets to decrease fat cell volume. This will increase the metabolism through localised heating. This not only minimises their size, but also partially breaks them down ready for disposal by the body. During this treatment we also apply a vacuum mechanism to increase both local blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to flush out the targeted fat cells, prompting the body to naturally recycle them. This increased metabolism processes them through your system naturally, while the increased blood circulation to the area promotes skin firmness, collagen production, and laxity to keep the area taut. By combining a deep tissue vacuum massage with radiofrequency, we can achieve amazing results in minimal treatment time.

Is body contouring just for love handles?

Love handles are a common treatment area, especially during the summer months; but there are plenty of other areas suitable for this treatment! Problematic and fleshy areas like the inner thighs, stomach, arms are addressed with this advanced body contouring treatment. It’s safe, comfortable, and produces brilliant results that not only minimise these stubborn fat collections; but also promotes healthy and tight skin after treatment.

Face contouring

This treatment isn’t just suitable for the body, though. We also offer treatment variations that allow for facial contouring and tightening to target unwanted pockets of fat, fleshy folds, and loosened or sagging skin. The radiofrequency is used to break down and reduce fat cells; while the vacuum technology encourages the body to flush them away from the target area. The fresh collagen production stimulated allows for sagging areas to increase over time in laxity and firmness. This treatment is used in problematic areas such as the outer eyes, double chin, jowls, and neck.

Love handles, and any unwanted pockets of fleshy skin on the body and face, are tackled safely and effectively with the professionals at Omniya in Knightsbridge. Your initial consultation is absolutely free, so why not enquire online or call 020 7584 4777 today to book yours?

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Treating excess weight and love handles at omniya. Cryolipolysis and tightening.