How long does laser hair removal last?

Traditional hair removal is a nuisance. Methods like shaving, waxing, and hair removal cream can leave behind irritated skin, trapped hairs, and even cuts. When the summer months come around, there are plenty of us who begin to dread removing our shirts, wearing a swimsuit, or exposing our legs because of our unwanted body hair. For both men and women, it can be nerve-wracking and confidence-knocking to bare parts of us that we don’t like with this intrusive body hair. Could laser hair removal in Knightsbridge with Omniya be the answer?

One of the many downsides of traditional hair removal is how little the effects last. If we are inclined to remove hair from our legs, under-arms, or chest, prickly regrowth is expected within a matter of days. The smooth results last for maybe a day or two before we are greeted with growing hair that speckles the area, and often reapplying the same removal methods too soon irritates the skin.

Laser Hair Removal underarm at Omniya Clinic

How long does laser hair removal last?

Laser hair removal works to permanently reduce the presence of unwanted body and facial hair in the treatment area. We use a targeted laser that the hair absorbs, damaging its follicles and disabling its ability to produce hair as quickly, thickly, or altogether in some cases. Maintenance appointments may be required, but your hair growth will be successfully diminished.

One of the benefits of this treatment is that it works in tandem with your current hair removal methods. Having to grow your body hair out before effective shaving or waxing can be accomplished can be embarrassing. Hiding parts of your body for up to 4-6 weeks just so you can have the hair temporarily removed for a few days is extremely limiting, but traditional hair removal methods are actually recommended for this treatment. This is because the laser light works at its best on actively growing hair follicles because they absorb its energy. This means that you can shave or wax up to a week before your treatment, limiting your hair growth time substantially.

Where is laser hair removal used?

 We use laser hair removal for target areas such as the face, under-arms, legs, bikini line, and back and chest. Suitable for both men and women and even sensitive areas, this treatment is ideal for anyone experiencing unwanted and excess body hair. For those seeking to banish excess hair through the development of polycystic ovaries syndrome, you have found your answer. It is suitable for use on the face, upper lip, and jaw, so for those wishing to target their ‘peach fuzz’ or unwanted hormonal hair, we can help.

Because it targets the hair follicle and the growing hair itself, it doesn’t impact or ‘nudge’ the hair growth. By this we mean it doesn’t dislodge the hair under the skin like shaving does; creating irregular growth and different hair growth directions that lead to trapped hairs. Because it tackles the root of the hair; it doesn’t move or budge it within the skin, treating only the unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal is ideal for those approaching summer with a sense of self-consciousness or worry. If you’re hiding your limbs and feeling uncomfortable in the heat because you don’t want to expose unwanted body hair, then this treatment is for you.

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