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top treatments for tired eyes in knightsbridge

The best treatments for tired eyes

If the eyes are truly the windows to the soul, then nobody would like to think their soul is being presented as tired, angry, or unapproachable. Unfortunately, though, due to the signs of ageing and decreasing skin quality, tired eyes can becomeRead More

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skin tightening in knightsbridge

How non-surgical skin tightening works

Skin tightening, when treating stubborn pockets of fat or rejuvenating the facial skin, is a popular treatment. With the advances in the science of aesthetics, there is now no need to opt for surgery. Certain non-surgical treatments come with minimal downtime, natural-lookingRead More

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knightsbridge clinic

3 ways to achieve a non-surgical facelift

At our medical health and beauty clinic in Knightsbridge, we’re proud to achieve fantastic results with minimal invasiveness. The first ever surgical facelift reportedly took place in Berlin in 1901, over 110 years ago, and came with so many more risks thanRead More

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