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Botox in London

Revisiting Botox, the Anti-Wrinkle Solution With Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and dating apps becoming a part of our daily routine, how we look is becoming increasingly important. Of course, there are many tools that we can use to “improve” our appearance and we’reRead More

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microneedling chelsea

Hormone replacement therapy

Hormones have a very important function in your body. They influence your immune system, metabolism, growth, fertility and even behaviour. We naturally lose hormones as we get older, but this can have a detrimental effect on our moods, behaviour and health. OneRead More

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Dermal Fillers | Wrinkle Fillers | Knightsbridge | Mayfair | Chelsea

Things you should know about dermal fillers

A newcomer to dermal filler treatment here in Mayfair? Perhaps you’ve got friends in Knightsbridge, or Chelsea, who have obviously had successful and natural looking rejuvenation treatment, without going under the knife and you’re interested in how you can achieve similar results?Read More

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Our new website is live!

The launch of the all-new ‘Omniya’ website marks a new chapter for our clinic. Don’t worry, we’re staying true to the ethos our clients know and trust and we are as committed as ever to helping clients feel confident in themselves. WeRead More

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