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How to prepare for your dermal fillers consultation

So, you’re pretty sure you’d like dermal fillers. They’re an incredibly popular treatment with countless celebrities, media personalities, and even friends opting for the treatment, and you’d like a fuller pout. However, how do you prepare for your consultation? Are there certainRead More

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Dermal Fillers – Your questions answered

Dermal fillers are an extremely popular treatment which can address a large number of conditions. It’s versatile and suitable for contouring different areas of the face. Here at Omniya, we only work with the most advanced range of dermal fillers e.g. Juvederm.Read More

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Things you should know about dermal fillers

A newcomer to dermal filler treatment here in Mayfair? Perhaps you’ve got friends in Knightsbridge, or Chelsea, who have obviously had successful and natural looking rejuvenation treatment, without going under the knife and you’re interested in how you can achieve similar results?Read More

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