Botox in London

Revisiting Botox, the Anti-Wrinkle Solution

With Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and dating apps becoming a part of our daily routine, how we look is becoming increasingly important. Of course, there are many tools that we can use to “improve” our appearance and we’re spoilt for choice. We have apps, filters and even professional editing software, but what if you have a date or a meeting in person? We can’t smooth our foreheads like we can on the apps, so what do we do? Is there an editing app for us in the real world? Well, it seems there is and it’s becoming more and more popular.

Anti-Wrinkle treatments, commonly known as Botox is the real-life version of Facetune or Photoshop, and thanks to social media the anti-wrinkle treatments have surged in popularity to the point where it’s something you can get at lunchtime and have enough time to buy your food, eat it and casually walk back to work.

So, what is Botox?

OK, before we get into it, let’s fix a tiny confusing error. The true name for the protein used in any type of anti-wrinkle treatment is Botulinum Toxin and the name Botox is the shorthand version. Now, there is a brand called BOTOX® too but this only one of a few Botox brands and that’s the confusing part out of the way.

Botox is a neurotoxic protein, now it’s easy to be alarmed at the word toxic but don’t be, it was used to treat muscle spasms, excessive sweating and migraines. And then one day in 1989 an American surgeon used it to fix forehead asymmetry and the rest is, as they say history.

But it has the word Toxin and Toxic in its name, surely that can’t be good?

Anything including medication in extremely high doses is bad, but the amount of Botox used in anti-wrinkle treatments is very small and is only used to treat the targeted muscle. All the Botox is doing is blocking the signal from the nerve to the muscle which in turn relaxes the muscle. 

Does it hurt? It looks painful

Generally, no it doesn’t hurt but it really depends on the person and their pain threshold. Our practitioners at Omniya are incredibly gentle and use a very small needle minimizing the pain.

So, can I only do Botox on my face for wrinkles?

No, of course not! Botox is unbelievably versatile and has amazing benefits. Botox can be used on the neck and it’s known as a Nefertiti Lift, on the armpits for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), on the jaw (masseter) to slim the face and it can even help with migraines. So, Botox can do a fair bit, it’s great at making you look good and can make you feel better too!

Are there tell-tale signs that I’ve had Botox?

After you’ve had the procedure, you’ll most likely get some redness or tiny blebs (localized swelling) but after a few minutes they’re gone and once the effects of Botox come in, you’ll love it!

How long before an important event should I get Botox?

Ideally it takes a few days to see results, but it can take up to two weeks, so the best thing to do is book your appointment two weeks before that important event and we’ll do our best to make you look your best.

Do men get Botox?

Everyone ages, even men, and in this social media age men want to look their best too. At our London clinic at Omniya our Botox practitioners have helped many men to look incredibly youthful to improve their personal and professional lives.

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