Are lip fillers permanent?

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How long have you been wondering whether lip fillers might suit you? Perhaps you’ve seen friends have their lip augmentation successful and you think they look great, but in the back of your mind is all the ‘trout pout’ lip filler disasters the tabloids love to report. You’re worried that out of all your friends, that lip filler disaster is going to happen to you.

Let us reassure you. Times and the technology has changed. Gone are the days when you risked your entire looks for the sake of more luscious lips. These days fillers are more temporary than ever, which means if you’re not happy with the results, they can easily be tweaked until you are.

Not that you should be unhappy with the results. Trout pouts were often the result of inexperienced, unskilled practitioners, of the mind set that one set of lips suits all and that bigger always equals beautiful. That’s not the case now.

Here at Omniya, the practitioners have years of experience in administering cosmetic treatments. They are better qualified to assess facial structure and how skin is maturing with a view to giving you valuable advice on the treatment that would best suit you personally. When you embark on lip filler treatment with us, you’ll have a good idea of how your lips will look before the treatment is commenced.

How do lip fillers work

Lip fillers are injected into and around the lips to subtly alter their shape, volume or proportions. They can enhance lips which have thinned with age, provide you with lips from a menu, or even give you bespoke lips of your choosing. The syringe will be filled with hyaluronic acid in a very smooth consistency and designed for the subtleties of shaping and refining lips. This substance soaks up water under the skin to add volume to the lips in precisely the areas where it’s needed.

The whole lip filler treatment itself, once you’ve been through the consultation process and specified how you want your lips to look, takes under 30 mins. To ensure your comfort throughout, you’ll have anesthetic cream applied to the area beforehand. The practitioner will then deliver the injections into the key areas that will provide your personal lip enhancement. The results will be immediate.

There is a risk of some very mild side effects, such as bruising or swelling at the injection point, but this will settle down very quickly, giving you your first glimpse at how your new lips should look. This cosmetic treatment has an excellent safety record and these days it’s very easy to predict and deliver an expected outcome.

To take full advantage of new lip filler/ lip augmentation technology and enhance your smile and pout, please give our reception team a call to book your initial consultation. This is the best way to find out more about this popular treatment, discover how your lips would appear when enhanced, as well as the effects this will have on the age you appear to be. Lip fillers should give you a rejuvenated, refreshed look. Please get in touch.

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