Thread Lift

at our Knightsbridge clinic in London

Thread lifting is an effective treatment for facial sagging. This minimally invasive treatment involves the insertion of small, biodegradable Poly L-Lactic Acid (PLA) or Polydiaxonone (PDO) threads underneath the skin. This procedure involves the latest technology for soft, natural looking thread lifting, and is designed specifically for effective facial rejuvenation without surgery.

The principle behind thread lifting is to stimulate the body’s natural reaction to a foreign body – to produce collagen and improve blood circulation, contracting the tissue.

At Omniya, we are able to address many different concerns through the use of our powerful treatments and advanced products. In order to recommend the best course of action, we recommend booking in with one of our expert Aesthetic Practitioners for a Free Consultation.

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Treatment Overview

  • Omniya Health and beauty Mediclinic

    Procedure Time:

    90 minutes

  • Omniya Health and beauty Mediclinic

    Number of Sessions:

    1 treatment

  • Omniya Health and beauty Mediclinic


    Usually 1-3 days

  • Omniya Health and beauty Mediclinic

    Back To Work:

    Usually after 1-2 days

  • Omniya Health and beauty Mediclinic

    Duration Of Results:

    18-24 months for most clients.

  • Omniya Health and beauty Mediclinic

    Timeframe for Results:

    Results are usually visible immediately, but full results develop over time with expected results to fully develop within 2-6 months, as new collagen grows between the threads and gives a further lifting and tightening effect to the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions for Thread Lifting

  • How long does the treatment take?

    Insertion of threads takes up to an hour to complete.

    What should I expect after the treatment?

    As with most cosmetic treatments, there may be some temporary swelling, redness or bruising. This normally passes within a couple of days.

    Results take 4-6 weeks to fully develop, but we recommend a review after 2 weeks to check on the progress, with a further review after 1-3 months, where before and after photographs will be compared to ensure full satisfaction.

    Are there any specific aftercare requirements?

    We advise the following:

    • Avoid other treatments on the face for 2 weeks
    • Avoid dental work for 4 weeks
    • Avoid exercise for 2 weeks and contact sports for the first 4 weeks

    Does it hurt?

    In general, the treatment is surprisingly comfortable. Some patients have described a stinging sensation, similar to acupuncture. However, the treatment can be carried out using a local anaesthetic.

    At Omniya, we try to ensure treatments are as comfortable as possible to the individual’s requirements.

  • Can threads be used in other areas, aside from the face?

    Yes, threads can be applied on the body, helping with:

    • Lifting and rejuvenating loose abdominal skin.
    • Lifting of breast tissue.
    • Regenerating the décolletage.
    • Lifting buttocks.
    • Shoulders, forearms, elbows, calves or knees.

    Who can have thread lifting?

    The procedure is suitable for most clients. Typically, clients over the age of 25 may be suitable, when thinning tissue starts to become apparent.

    The treatment is not advised during pregnancy or breastfeeding, or for patients with;

    • A tendency to develop keloid scarring
    • Active skin infections
    • Open wounds
    • Skin lesions
    • Autoimmune diseases