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5 Beautiful Benefits Of Nose Filler Treatment

8 September 2021 by Omniya Clinic

When it comes to altering the shape of the face, the nose is a popular cosmetic treatment area. Some people may opt for surgical nose jobs, which can be expensive and take an extended period of time to recover from.

At Omniya Clinic, we offer fast-acting nose filler treatment and in this article, we’ll explore 5 benefits of the treatment.

1. A Non-Invasive Treatment

One of the major benefits of nose fillers is that the treatment is non-invasive. This means no physical surgery is needed and the procedure can be carried out quickly.

During the treatment, dermal fillers are injected into the nose to help smooth out bumps, resculpt the area and provide added facial volume.

2. A High Level Of Safety Is Involved

With a procedure that’s involved with a sensitive area like the nose, it’s natural to feel apprehensive and wonder about the safety standards of nose fillers. We’re glad to say that nose fillers are one of the safest types of cosmetic treatment on the market!

This is because the dermal filler that’s inserted into the nose is made from hyaluronic acid, a natural compound in the body. It’s unlikely that there will be any side effects with the substance being introduced into your system and the procedure will be carried out by a cosmetic specialist.

3. Removable And Reversible

There may be times when you have changed your mind about your nose filler or the procedure hasn’t gone to plan. In either case, the treatment is totally reversible, and you don’t have to worry about any ongoing side effects.

Nose filler is removed using a substance called hyaluronidase, which dissolves hyaluronic acid. It’s also worth mentioning that you can still get new nose fillers after the old ones have been removed. We recommend waiting a couple of weeks after removal.

4. Confidence Booster

If you feel self-conscious about the shape of your nose, dermal filler treatment could be a way for building confidence again. The filler is designed to bring more volume to the nose and accentuate the best qualities of the face.

5. Immediate Results

With physical surgery like a nose job, it can take time for results to become apparent. The nose will often be bruised and need time to heal before any progress is visible.

Nose filler treatment provides quick results as soon as the procedure is completed. The nose will appear to be shapelier in minutes and there is no long recovery time needed.

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