Omniya is unique – a full-service health and beauty mediclinic with a licensed private dispensing pharmacy built into its core.

Omniya’s pioneering approach to health and beauty incorporates a sleek, discreet pharmacy, ensuring that our clients are provided one of the most important deliveries of the health service.

At Omniya, we believe the role of the pharmacist is to deliver optimal pharmaceutical care – a truly personalised and bespoke service.

This level of detail was considered in minutiae detail when creating Omniya – from the design and functionality of this dispensary to the efforts in enhancing the role of the pharmacist – the best ally for your internal health.

Omniya stocks a range of dietary supplements, nutrition, over the counter and prescription medicines, including specialised human growth hormones (HGH).

Omniya is a Registered Pharmacy with the General Pharmaceutical Council, Registration Number: 1122688.