Women’s Health Check

During the Women’s Health Check, a comprehensive medical history will be taken by your doctor who will also assess nutrition and lifestyle factors as well as health risk factors.

The health check includes a physical examination, smear test, blood tests to measure hormone levels, thyroid function, cholesterol levels, vitamin D levels, a full blood count, as well as kidney and liver function tests.

The results are analysed by your doctor, who will make any necessary changes to your medication and issue you with a new set of prescriptions.

All women undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy are required to have an annual check-up with one of our doctors, before further medication will be prescribed.

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Treatment Menu

Consulation Appointment

Appointments can be 30 minutes or one hour in length and can be conducted at your home.

Initial Consultation: £250
30 Minute Appointment: £150
60 Minute Appointment: £300
Home Visit: From £350

Medical Check Up, Blood Tests & Vaccinations

Your treatment may require additional check ups and tests.

Medical Check Up: £300 + Tests
Blood Tests: £POA
Vaccinations: £POA