Telomere Testing

Telomere testing in our Knightsbridge clinic takes minutes, and results will be received in just over two weeks.

The test is conducted by your doctor, who will use a medical swab to take cells from the inside of your cheek. No blood tests are required.

Telomere testing determines a person’s biological age – how they’re ageing on a cellular level – by measuring the length of the protective structures found at the tips of the chromosomes in each cell. As a person ages, these protective structures, or telomeres, shorten which gives crucial insight into a patient’s state of health, and rate of ageing.

Telomere length can be affected by lifestyle and diet, all of which will be assessed by our clinical team and managed accordingly.

Please enquire for prices for Telomere testing in our Knightsbridge clinic.

Life Length/Longevity Genotyping Panel

What are the chances you’ll reach 100 years of age? By using a similar process to our telomere test, it’s possible to indicate whether a patient’s genes have that potential. A simple cheek swab is taken by our doctor and subsequently processed, checking three longevity indicators in a patient’s genes.

These indicators calculate the chances of a person theoretically reaching 100 years of age.

By knowing in advance how their genes fare, patients can make simple changes to ensure they live a long and healthy life.

Combined with telomere testing, patients will be able to get detailed insight into how their body’s fairing on the inside.

Please enquire for prices for Longevity Genotyping in our Knightsbridge clinic

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